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With the help of AutoCAD we can recreate a client’s vision into reality.
There are a lot of cabinet makers out there, but unless you have been in it, there aren’t any books that can teach you what is important for a stylist.From a simple scribble, we can show you what the furniture will look  
like.  Color combination is a very important aspect of the project. This is why we have partnered with interior
decorators, which they can help by guiding you through this maze.

At SDI, you are surrounded by people that were hairdressers
first, then become furniture builders. How many cabinets makers
can say they have the same background? Our knowledge for
the industry is at your disposal!
The beginning is just as important as the end. We have over
25 years of experience and are comfortable with various
layouts and materials.  It is an exciting time in our
Many new textures and materials have been developed
and are just waiting to make a statement.

The latest stores, salon, spas and offices are truly works of art.